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Whatever you do in life will be insignificant.....
Now, don't get all upset. There is more to it.

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it because… You can’t ever really know the meaning of your life… And you don’t need to… Just know that your life has a meaning… Every life has a meaning… whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds… Every life… And every death changes the world in its own way… Ghandi knew this. He knew his life would mean something to someone, somewhere, somehow. And he knew with as much certainty that he could never know that meaning… He understood that enjoying life should be of much greater concern than understanding it. And so do I." -Tyler Roth, Remember Me

The beginning of the quote was from Ghandi. This is a movie to see, at least for me.

I personally always aim to do something big, bigger than myself. I don't wonder why I failed often, broken down, and who knows what. This quote had given me this perspective of how to be much more than that. To be just yourself, keep it low and to yourself. It is ok that you don't know the meaning to your life, but what is more important is to enjoy life. I feel stupid writing this now, but it's good for a record :) Several times I tried to define myself. I see many people identify themselves differently, "typical Thai girl", "ordinary kind of girl", "don't mess with kind of girl". I used to do that and I ended up questioning myself "Am I really ___?" Everything to me felt kind of blurred. I like punk music, but also classical, hip-hip, and soul. I got really confused. Then I just quit because what's the point of that. I tried not to fall in any categories anymore. I don't wanna do labels, or being judgmental. Because the more you label, the more you become harder on yourself, the more you are criticized. 

And what's the point of that to life right?

So many people including myself tried so hard to do what? and it is just the matter of time to get out of that, let go and live your life, find something you like to do in this life and go on with it. If it's really gonna be something big, something that is actually significant so it be.

But for now, enjoy :) (That said for myself LOL)

Have a great one.


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Its seeming me really important to know... but i am so sorry saying that i am not getting it.... Does that mean just carry on in your life whatever you think you have to do...??

Yup, just do what you enjoy to do. What I try to do is do whatever I feel comfortable. Other people's thoughts aside. It's hard at first coming from a high-context social circles, but it becomes easier after a while. Hope I am making senses. :)

This is a beautiful message! Nicely said, I love it. You inspired me thank you very much beautiful! :)

Thank you! I'm glad this blog does something! :)

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